Thursday, January 15, 2015

Scheduled migration this week

Upgrading to serve you better

  • Upgrading our database
  • Relocating to a more powerful Data Center (USA east coast)
  • Website will be switched to Maintenance mode to avoid losing any changes you may create

Planned time: Roughly 2-4 hours depending on the conditions/issues.

  • UPDATE: 1/18/2015 : Downtime will occur Sunday morning EST
  • UPDATE #2: We are still down, process of merging data to another center is taking time. ETA: 10pm EST
  • UPDATE #3  1/21/2015 - Upgraded and moved data and server to a new platform. May experience issues, we'll monitor.
  • UPDATE #4 1/21/2015 - Some users have experienced issues posting golf records. Its not been resolved.

Thank you for understanding. 

ps. Renewals will not be affected.

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