Sunday, August 9, 2009

What would you like to see on

We'd like to address any wishes from our new and existing clients.

Would you like to see this website more Iphone friendly?
Would you like to have an Iphone Application that will allow you to quickly post to Nethandicap?

Let us know and feel free to express any thoughts on our service as we shall address any of the problems or wishes.

Thank you,

NetHandicap development Lead


A.W. ORorke said...

The search function needs to be improved. It constantly cannot find public or private courses. Even well known courses.
An I phone app would be great.

A.W. ORorke said...

the search function need improvement. It cannot seem to find many well known courses. Not to mention private courses.

A.W. ORorke said...

An I phone app would be great

phoenix said...

Thanks for your feedback.

Recently we had an upgrade to our search functionality.

Also, have a look at our other project:

Speaking of an Iphone Application, would you be interested in seeing an application from Apple Store (itunes) or an online version for iphone.

Let us know

and thank you


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that my handicap has not updated since April 8th although I have posted an additional 3 scores. Is this normal and if so, how long does it take to update? Thanks - Joel Dovi

phoenix said...

Hello Joel

I recommend checking your season dates, when the handicap actually is supposed to get updated.

Also, you may see your live handicap if you go to Trend Handicap page (that's your current).

In case you're having issues, report to our support.

Thanks for posting.

jad said...

Is Net Handicap truly "official" for tournaments and outings? If playing in a member/guest or a tournament and asked who to contact to verify my handicap, who should I list?
Thanks, Joel Dovi

phoenix said...

Correct, we are licensed by USGA to issue official USGA Handicap.

As for listing of verification, is providing NetHandicap Inc. an appropriate information and the website? If so, please provide it as such.

jad said...

Just to be sure, if the pro at a club wanted to contact you to verify my handicap - would they call Net Handicap (if so, what number do i list?) or would they contact my "home course?"

Anonymous said...

What is the maximum score I should record for any given hole? For example, if I have a really bad hole and score a 9 on a par 4, do I record 9 when posting the round?

phoenix said...

yes you should score 9, we have an automatic adjustment as per USGA rules that will adjust your score. In full post mode you can see the maximum it will adjust to.

hope it helps.